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Now the Cartoon Version of Italian American Identity

(03 01 2014) Donna Chirico

As if one show promoting the typecasting of Italian American identity as dysfunctional mobsters and thugs was not enough.

Stereotypes of Death

(11 10 2013) Donna Chirico

An extraordinary circumstance that reveals the myth making is death. It is the clashing cymbals of who we are in the eyes of the world. It is also a time when the cultural...

The Sorminis: Who We Are

(15 02 2012) Bianca Sorminis

I’m from Italy, Paul is from Australia (but born from Italian parents) and we live in China. My daughters are growing up in China but are never going to be Chinese, no matter...

Talkin’ Hybrid Moments

(18 11 2010) Joseph Sciorra

Introductory comments to the Calandra Institute’s November 5th symposium “Hybrid Moments: Independent Music in Italian America.”

Watching Mob Movies with my Fourteen-Year-Old Son

(29 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

A “teachable moment” about mafia realities and representations.

Watching “Serpico” with my Thirteen-Year-Old Son

(01 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Musings on heroes, role models, and the Italian-American imaginative.

Linking the Diaspora Musically

(22 06 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Hip hop is contributing to an expanding Italian diasporic consciousness, one that offers possibilities for an anti-racist politic.

Thinking about American Italian Identity - R. D. Lang and Gabriella Gribaudi’s Theory of “The Other”

(18 06 2008) Tom Verso

“What you write on paper is American. What’s in your veins is Italian.”

Why Vote. Italian Elections Through a half-Italian/American’s Eyes

(05 04 2008) Jerry Krase

Why it is important for Italians in America as well as Italian-Americans to vote in the Italian elections. What Italy can do for them and those who are not even Italian.

Decidedly Not Italian Enough

(10 02 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Some thoughts on why I chose to remain silent and why I now think it's worth a blog post, thanks to Anthony Tamburri.

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