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L'Italia al tempo di Capaci

(25 11 2014) Alessandro Milone

Quando avevo vent'anni di Ettore de Lorenzo, giornalista Rai

Palermo and its Mafia revisited

(30 07 2012) Judith Harris

To this day the full story of the murders of Falcone and Borsellino twenty years ago, while clearly a direct result of their anti-Mafia prosecutions, remains an enigma shrouded in...

Move over, Tony Soprano—you’ve had it

(25 03 2010) Judith Harris

The era of the Corleonesi is definitely at an end. We are witnessing the mutation of the Mafia strategy into one that is clearly based on finance. (Antonio Ingroia, Prosecutor)

The Unmaking of the Made Men of Sicily?

(10 02 2008) Judith Harris

The crackdown on Mafia shows Italy at its best. Southern Italian cities, though plagued by many serious problems, no longer seem to be suitable places for a good mobster to hang...

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