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Calandra Institute

Family Drama

(26 01 2015) George De Stefano

An Off-Broadway revival of Joseph Pintauro's play Snow Orchid inspires a conversation about mental health and immigration.

The Wacky World of Arthur Piccolo

(11 04 2013) Joseph Sciorra

Il Piccololismo rages ad nauseum.

A Ph.D. in Basket Weaving

(19 10 2011) Joseph Sciorra

Italian-American anti-intellectualism rears its ugly little head again.

Benefit Concert for Calandra Institute, June 10th

(09 05 2011) Joseph Sciorra

John Giorno, Vic Ruggiero, Penny Arcade, and John La Barbera to perform in support of the Calandra Institute.

“Telling Naples to the World”. Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe on His Imminent Visit to New York

(10 12 2010) Ottorino Cappelli

The Cardinal of Naples will be in New York this coming January, where he will meet the Italian community, personalities of the cutural and artistic world, academics, scholars, men...

Mr. Piccolo’s Peculiar Obsession

(16 09 2010) Joseph Sciorra

Tracing a “fool’s path” to power.

My Italian American Museum

(21 06 2010) Joseph Sciorra

Entering into a conversation with objects.

The Situation

(20 01 2010) Robert Viscusi

'Guido' is a phenomenon that demands attention. If Italian American social advance were as real, as secure, and as substantial as many Italian Americans believe it to be (I am...

Real Italians

(19 01 2010) Joseph Sciorra

A social scientist’s take on guidos, prominenti, and intellectual inquiry.

Serendipitous Encounters of an Italian-American Kind

(23 07 2009) Joseph Sciorra

The shared histories of Neapolitan singer Alfredo Bascetta and political activist/film worker Gino Bardi are revealed by a Brooklyn walkabout.

Sinatra, a Morality Tale.

(14 05 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Musings on Italian-American masculinity, power, and bullying on the tenth anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s death.

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