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Antonio Gramsci

Italian American Monuments, Gramsci-style

(30 07 2013) Laura E. Ruberto

Upon visiting Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument in the Bronx, passing reflections on impermanence, aesthetics, and what makes something Italian American.

“Ti abbraccio teneramente,” Christmas from Prison

(24 12 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

A selection of Antonio Gramsci’s Christmas letters from prison.

Italian Metal Gets Religion

(26 08 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

An Italian monk hears Metallica and turns the mystical and divine into heavy metal.

Sending a Telegram to the Pope

(20 08 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Power, Humor, and the Triumph of the Lower Bodily Stratum.

Francesco Pepe, My Dutch Paisan

(24 05 2008) Joseph Sciorra

A digital tale of diasporic linkages between Old and New Amsterdams.

Gli intellettuali rispondono alla crisi in Italia

(06 05 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

Sulla scia di Gramsci: gli intellettuali di oggi e la crisi italiana

Folk Performances of the Italian-American Prominenti

(14 04 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Galas, banquet receptions, and award ceremonies are some of the most enduring Italian-American folk performances that reveal much about how group identity is created and...

A Gramscian Podcast on Women Workers and Migration

(12 04 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

Podcasting on Gramsci, immigrant women, labor, and the history of San Diego's cannery workers.  

Gramsci, Cinema, Photography and Music

(01 03 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

Listening, watching, and thinking about culture as a political tool.

On the Anniversary of Gramsci’s Birth, a Few Words about Writing Letters

(22 01 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

In re-reading Antonio Gramsci's letters from prison in memory of his birthday, one can't help but wonder about the current state of cyberwriting.

Peppino Marotto, Poet, Activist, Gramscian

(31 12 2007) Laura E. Ruberto

Revolutionary poet and activist shot and killed at 82 years.

Gramsci’s Presepio

(24 12 2007) Joseph Sciorra

The domestic presepio, an example of living folklore.

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