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November 24, 2009

Art Treasures of Casa Italia Chicago

Dominic Candeloro
John Cadel’s”The Emigrants” is the signature painting in the art gallery which bears his name at the Italian Cultural Center of Casa Italia in Stone Park (Chicago).

John Cadel’s”The Emigrants” is the signature painting in the art gallery which bears his name. Cadel taught at the Art Institute of Chicago and was a prolific book...

November 11, 2009

Reflections on "A Dream... per non dimenticare"

Dominic Candeloro
The art of Meo Carbone illuminates the cover of the Catalog for the 2005 exhibit "The Dream...per non dimenticare."

Candeloro reflects on the 2005 " Dream...per non dimenticare" exhibit in the light of Joseph Tusiani's famous poem on preserving the memories of Italian immigrants.

November 9, 2009

Slide Show Update on Chicago's Casa Italia Library

Dominic Candeloro
This is an update on the progress that we are making at the Florence Roselli Casa Italia Library in Stone Park (Chicago) from a Power Point presentation done at the American Italian Historical Association annual conference in Baton Rouge last week.

Casa Italia in Stone Park, IL--- 15 miles from Chicago's Loop and 5 miles from O'Hare airport--- is a multi-faceted operation including exhibits, meeting rooms, banquet halls,...

May 20, 2009

Chicago Area: Casa Italia Library to be Relaunched June 5

Dominic Candeloro
Library volunteer worker, Vincenzo DiVito, sits in front of new Library shelves of the Florence Roselli Casa Italia Library in Stone Park (Chicago)

The Florence Roselli Library at Casa Italia will stage a grand rededication on June 5. In an auspicious atmosphere of growth and collaboration, your blogger invites the national...

May 6, 2009

Maruggi's "Remembrances" Anthology reviewed by Rob Marchesani

Dominic Candeloro
Book cover
Edward Maruggi collected dozens of vignettes from Italian American writers of their "Remembrances" of Mamma. Rob Marchesani offers this review and I am delighted to host this essay on my blog in time for Mother's Day---DC

Rob Marchesani reviews Edward Maruggi's collection "Remembrances: Sixty Tales of Growing Up with Italian Mothers, Grandmothers and Godmothers." It is as much a walk through the...

April 22, 2009

Trigiani is Swang

Dominic Candeloro
Trigiani website
Adriana Trigiani is on a book tour to promote her new novel "Very Valentine. In the works are 2 prospective movies, 2 more "Very Valentine" books, and a book series for teenage girls.

When asked how she came to write her first novel, Adriana Trigiani responded, “It was a total surprise because I was writing TV…I wanted to have a baby and when you write...

February 18, 2009

From the Field: IA Scholars are Busy This Season

Dominic Candeloro
Book Jacket of Carnevale's New Language, New World

Candeloro compiles blurbs from scholars in the US and Italy to create a veritable "gossip column" about the high-spirited public intellectuals who "make" Italian American culture..

January 18, 2009

From the Field: Updates on Activities in Italian American Studies

Dominic Candeloro
DC Chicago Columbus Day Parade 07
Bringing to light activities of academics searching for 'roots and branches."

I have determined to revive my compilation of tidbits about recent professional developments and activities in Italian American Studies as part of this blog ("Roots and...