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December 30, 2009

Italian Americans by the Numbers: Definitions, Methods & Raw Data

Tom Verso

The US Census Bureau collects scientific survey data on Italian Americans and other ethnic groups. This article is the eighth in the i-Italy series “Italian Americans by the...

December 19, 2009

Aristotle, “Prizzi’s Honor” and Ghost of “Two Sicilies”

Tom Verso
“Prizzi’s Honor” as Greek Drama

The plot of “Prizzi’s Honor” is the most perfect Aristotelian plot I can recall in any movie. Every action in the film is determined causally or with high probability by...

November 23, 2009

Italian Americans by the Numbers – Income, Earnings & Poverty

Tom Verso
The work ethic of Italian Americans has been largely rewarded in terms of income and earnings.

In the previous six reports of this series, there was no significant measurable difference to be found between the Italian American population and the American population as a...

November 6, 2009

Plato and Mafia Movies

Tom Verso
The poet Meletus initiated the prosecution, and poets joined in voting the death of the philosopher Socrates.

“...there is an old quarrel between philosophy and poetry” Plato

October 2, 2009

Italian Americans by the Numbers – Employment

Tom Verso
Window of Italian-American Employment Agency. Note jobs: “Italian Bus Boy”, “Italian and Wife Artichokes Ranch”

“The Italian-Americans are so far removed in time, space and attitude from their heritage that they could safely drop the hyphenate form. They are Americans, period, [although]...

September 24, 2009

Sicily’s History - an “Eternal Reoccurrence”

Tom Verso
Sicily’s beauty - all eyes rivet upon her. All wanted to possess her.

They came to possess Sicily from the East (Greeks: Ancient & Orthodox); South (Phoenicians & Arabs); West (Spain) and North (Rome, France & Piedmont)…Next?

September 9, 2009

Italian Americans by the Numbers – Education: Who will educate our children?

Tom Verso
Who will teach her about great-great-great grandparents and her roots in “The Two Sicilies”?

6th generation children of Italian descent, in classrooms empty Italian American content. a HOWLing Battalion for AP Italian. a hushed toned WISH for “Paper Fish.”

August 24, 2009

Baldessari’s art vs. Italian American reality - Ruberto and Gardarphe: “Postmodern Musings”

Tom Verso
Don't Bother me with your REALITY!

Is Italian American culture: geriatric nostalgia, postmodern abstractions, Hollywood fantasies? Or, is it in fact an observable measurable reality? "That is the question…!"

August 21, 2009

Title: Italian Americans by the Numbers: Households, Marital Status, “Mammoni” and “What does it mean to be Italian American?”

Tom Verso
US Census Survey

This is the forth report in the series “Italian Americans by the Numbers” presenting demographic data about Italian Americans based on the US Census Departments “2005-2007...

August 11, 2009

Fighting the “Better Fight”

Tom Verso

In a recent i-Italy article, “Fighting the Good Fight”, Italophile lamenting about AP Italian continues. But, for Philo-Italian Americana, the “Better Fight” would be...