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December 23, 2009

The Meanings of Christmas Present

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
This is the depleted basket in which guests to our annual Christmas party have taken the small gifts collected by my wife Suzanne during our most memorable trip this year (quest' anno). This year the trip of note was to Sicily where I visited the village of Marineo near Palermo in which my roots are sunk. Therefore the "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" sign hanging from the basket handle is written in Sicilian. il insegno "Buon Natale ed il nuovo anno felice" scritto in siciliano

Decorating for Christmas can say a lot more about people than the words they use to talk about it. These are some of the things I saw around me during the day before Christmas and...

December 12, 2009

Italian/American Trial Styles

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
In June of 1998, I took the Eurostar from Rome to Perugia where I spent a pleasant afternoon after giving a lecture at the Istituto di Etnologia e Antropologia Culturale, Corso di Antroplogia Visuale, University of Perugia. It wasn't such a wild and crazy place then, but then again, neither was/am I.

The recent trials and tribulations of American-Italian Amanda Fox, and Italian Americans John A. "Junior" Gotti, and Joseph Bruno raise some important questions about the...