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Annie Rachele Lanzillotto: Author of "L Is For Lion: An Italian Bronx Butch Freedom Memoir," SUNY Albany PRESS, 2013. Author of "Schistsong," a book of poetry, Bordighera Press 2013. Songwriter/vocalist of the albums: "Swampjuice: Yankee With a Southern Peasant Soul," "Carry My Coffee," and "Blue Pill" -- available on, iTunes, and web-wide. Author/Narrator of the audiobooks "L is for Lion" and "Schistsong" on Filmmaker of the shorts: "Nailpolish Madonna" produced by CityLore 2014, and "Eggs & Bells" 1997. Lanzillotto conceptualized the "146 Shirtwaist-Kites" in the sky for the Centennial Memorial of the Triangle Factory Fire in NYC, which became a widespread community art project by the Remember The Triangle Fire Coalition. Poet, griot, cantastoria, performance artist, ritual instigator, songwriter. Her first solo show "Confessions of a Bronx Tomboy: My Throwing Arm: This Useless Expertise," was staged at the Manhattan Class Company’s “New Works Festival,” and Under One Roof’s “Women 9 to 90” Festival in NYC, 1993. Lanzillotto's signature performance is "Icewoman" where she spins and hacks a 200 pound block of ice in homage to her Barese father and grandfathers who delivered ice in the Bronx. Videos of her performances can be seen on YouTube, vimeo and