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Michael Jackson PrayerCard

Michael Jackson PrayerCard

Annie Lanzillotto a.k.a. Rachele Coraggio (July 14, 2009)
mixed media collage by Annie Lanzillotto
Michael Jackson PrayerCard by Annie Lanzillotto

Michael Jackson Saint of Taking Off All Masks


Hail Michael!
Full of Music
Saint of Taking Off All Masks!
Mask of Gender
Mask of Race
Mask of Age
Mask of Sexuality
Mask of Beauty
Mask of Normalcy
and finally
Mask of Life
Release us from prescription overdosing.
Rip us from skin identities that we may live deeper in the regions of the heart

leagues from the epidermis.
Blessed Art Thou Amongst Performance Artists
And Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Agony
Holy Michael!
Dancer of God
Remover of All Pigment From Skin
In an age when to darken skin is the multi-billion dollar industry of profiteer whites
Heavenly Michael!
Eternal Moonwalk
Standing in wind beyond whiteface and blackface
yelling Beat It to Jingos
Heal us all with the fire of your artistry.
Your spontaneous combustion
Pray for Us Masked Souls
That our spirits may move about our body
Like the flame of a wick
Off The Wall, Can You Feel It, The Way You Make Me Feel,
Human Nature
Bless us Freaks in all our nature
that we may devour our own shadow elements
devour cute and become Bad and Dangerous
Release us from the trappings of normalcy
That we may shout oh so loud, Rock With You,
Calibrate our souls, I'll Be There
Pray in the persecution of the crowd,
we may Unmask! Unmask! Unmask!
1,2,3 Easy As ABC

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total awe of you annie

this is one brilliant piece of work and voice. i love you annie, for doing this. and for being so courageous to put it all out there. i do wanna rock witchu!!!!!