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Wake Up And Have a Ball With Saint Paul

Wake Up And Have a Ball With Saint Paul

Darrell Fusaro (November 27, 2017)
Fusaro 2017

As far as I’m concerned seriousness is merely fear pretending to be a grown-up.


I have a bookmark I look at daily and every time I look at it it breaks me out of the spell of fear, doubt, and worry.  I keep it in one of my favorite inspirational readers to mark the day so I’ll see it every morning.

The Daughters Of St. Paul gave it to me. It has an illustration of St. Paul with a golden halo holding a sword in his right hand and holding a book over his chest in his left. There’s also an uplifting bible verse attributed to him printed on it. When I first received this bookmark it didn’t make me feel good at all.  It was obvious some changes needed to be made.  Mainly to the expression on St. Paul’s face.

His miserable expression made him look uptight.  Like someone who takes life way too seriously.  As far as I’m concerned seriousness is merely fear pretending to be a grown-up.  He looked more like someone in desperate need of hearing his uplifting message than the one giving it.  

So I drew a smile on St. Paul’s face.  I also added the word “smile” to the biblical quote to give it the kick I need.  Now it reads, “Smile! The Lord is here, don’t be anxious about anything.  Instead, pray about everything.”

Now anytime I read it what I feel is personal to me.  It’s as motivating as if I’m on the precipice of an exhilarating moment.  The words coming straight to me from a beloved football coach right before he sends me onto the field.

Coach St. Paul says to me, “Love prevails! Be of good cheer the coast is clear. So stop worrying about what you don’t want to happen, and start imagining what you'd really like to happen. Baptize everything a success and it will be. You’ll see.”

–Darrell Fusaro

Decorated U.S. Coast Guard veteran Darrell Fusaro is the author of What If Godzilla Just Wanted a Hug?, co-host of the Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed podcast and a contributing columnist for i-Italy Magazine.

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