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How to Choose a Sketchbook

How to Choose a Sketchbook

Darrell Fusaro (July 5, 2014)
Fusaro 2014

Never let the idea that in order to follow through on inspiration you must have the right sketchpad.


Regardless of make or style, when you are choosing a sketchbook it should meet these 2 requirements:

1).  Pick a size that is convenient for you to always have on hand.  For me it must fit in my pocket.  I've discovered that if it's convenient to carry, I always carry it with me. 

2).  Needs to be durable.  Because you'll always carry it with you, select a pad that is well constructed.  Even if it costs more, it is well worth the investment.  I've found Moleskine brand to be the most durable.  It has proven to be the only brand I've used that can withstand the punishment of consistent abuse without the binding coming apart.

I always carry an artist pocket-size Moleskine, 192pg, plain paper sketchpad wherever I go.

Most importantly, never let the idea that
in order to follow through on inspiration you must have the right sketchpad.  I used to think I needed have the right pad before I got started.  Now when inspiration strikes, I won't let reason slip me a roofie.   I remind myself that it's OK to do what I can using whatever I have at the moment.  That has included napkins, used books, the blank side of a sales flyer, and even a pastry bag.  Finally, have fun and remember your pen.

I saw a lady on line at Starbucks and all I had was a pastry bag.
I can't believe I almost didn't draw this, because all I had was a pastry bag.
When inspired it's OK to do what you can with whatever you have at the moment.

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