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Tony and Tina are from the Bronx

Tony and Tina are from the Bronx

Annie Rachele Lanzillotto (March 8, 2014)
photo: Rosette Capotorto
Annie Lanzillotto and the 2014 cast of "Tony n' Tina's Wedding" in the Bronx, touching billion year old Bronx rock -- "Fordham Gneiss"

Annie Lanzillotto plays Grandma Nunzio in the 2014 Off-Broadway production of "Tony n' Tina's Wedding" Calling for you -- from the Bronx

$49. Tkts if you say the code word: Grandma

Family discount promo good for the first five weeks of the show 3/13/14 - 4/27/14

Bronx Text Invite from GramMA Angelina Nunzio to her friends:

Get your ticket right now to my grandson Tony’s wedding. Don’t be acasi acasa. Do it now. It’s gonna be a big to do! Call Ovationtix at (866) 811-4111 and tell em GRANDMA.  That's the promo code and you get 60% off the ticket price.  Ya neva know who you’ll bunk into at Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. Fagetaboutit. Managgia everybody and their muddah’s gonna be there. Madonna! It’ll be a Bronx reunion. I gotta remind myself to focus on the #Italianbrideandgroom. I can picture it now. Outta nowhere, who’s gonna walk in - Hoodycallit from the candy store around the corner with you know who on his arm! The one built like a johnnypump. I mean, last time that happened, minga! – mustabeen the year one. Yeah dat’s right, before the flood! And you know they will be #dressedtokill. Everything will be showin’ – fagetaboutit. Now, my #Tonycandance. My grandson, I’m so proud’a him. He’s my heart and soul. He’s got kind brown eyes. The eyes that pull you in just like my husband Rest in Peace, Rocco. Tony’s tall and handsome and strong as an ox; sure he grew up on#Grandma’sMeatballs. That’s right. Antonio beddo mio. I got tree beautiful guys around me. I’m a queen and they’re my knights. My son Antonio, he helps people, he kinda runs a social service agency, you know, saves the guys in trouble, helps the girls in trouble. I thank Saint Ant’ny he’s a good boy. I have my Johnny boy, that’s Tony’s little bruddah. I call him “Wallio” – I try to keep them learnin the Italian and Sicilian expressions, and to keep their #BronxAccent and always be proud of it. Dat’s right. It’s the “Dese, Dems and Dose” language. Nuttin’ wrong wit it. It’s as beautiful as any language. Johnny-boy is an entrepreneur. He’ll tell you how you can invest in his brilliant ideas. He’ll make you a million. And he’s got a pair of eyes straight from Heaven, that Sinatra woulda killed for. #JohnnyEntrepreneur. He takes after my side of the family. Ya know the wedding party is at#GuyFierri’s American Kitchen and Bar – in #TimesSquare– so it’s ya know classy, upscale, and full of energy. All the family will be there. Come one come all. Whether you’re rich or you got oongatz – it’s a party so come on out. It’ll be an imbroglio at the get-go! I gotta tell Tina that once you become a Nunzio you’re a #NunzioForLife and every paesano, gavone, and scumbari, whether shangaith, or stunaith or scustamaith is all invited! Bah! Whaddyagonnado? We’ll #toastTonyandTina#RaiseAGlass together! This is an agida-free zone! So check your miseratz at the door and come get your tarentell’ on!


$49. Tkts if you say the codeword: Grandma.

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