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Vatican Passes Money Laundering Test (Sort of)

(06 07 2012) Judith Harris

There were no fireworks this 4th of July in Strasbourg, where the otherwise clamorous case of the Vatican bank, Istituto per le Opere Religiose (IOR), founded in 1942, was put on...

“Women and the RC Church Misogyny, or Gynophobia? Take your Pick"

(06 06 2012) Jerry Krase

A small collection of conservative Roman Catholic Bishops are making it difficult for nuns and other Catholic women to do the work they have been called to do. The disarray in the...

The Vatican has a real sister act in the heart of screenland!

(04 02 2012) Darrell Fusaro

The Pauline Sisters, are a lot like the “Blues Brothers” - like the characters in the iconic 1980 movie "they’re on a mission from God" and just like Jake and Elwood Blues...

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Rome & Los Angeles (or Here & Hereafter). All For Just $5,000US!

(28 06 2011) Darrell Fusaro

Last week I met my friend Mike Dugan in downtown Los Angeles to see his new place. It only cost him $5,000 and it is literally - to die for!

Bin Laden: A Thoughtful Vatican and a Concerned Italy

(02 05 2011) Judith Harris

May 1, while in Rome Pope John Paul II is beatified, Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden is killed in Pakistan. The reactions in the Italian political world

Clerical Crimes

(21 05 2009) George De Stefano

A New Report from Ireland Exposes Decades of Child Abuse by Catholic Clergy

Power Plays, Italian Style

(18 05 2009) George De Stefano

Paolo Sorrentino's portrait of Giulio Andreotti is an investigation of post-WWII Italian politics

There He Goes Again

(21 04 2009) George De Stefano

The Pope, Condoms, and Necessary Satire

The Church, the State, and Italy's Budget

(10 12 2008) Judith Harris

Last Friday’s battle between Church and State, fought over government funding for private schools, lasted a mere six hours. The score: Church 1, State 0. But then, scoreboards...

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