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Mergers Don’t Help Consumers, Only the Merged Company

(29 10 2014) Dom Serafini

Television spurs mergers of giants that want to be titans. Mergers do not benefit consumers but only favor merging companies in several ways: by reducing competition, cutting...

The Secret History of Italian Americans on TV

(01 03 2011) Joseph Sciorra

Pausing the flickering image of the cathode ray tube.

An entry from The Encyclopedia of Imagined Italian-Americana

(13 12 2009) Joseph Sciorra

The lost Christmas special of "The Honeymooners" with an Italian-American theme, from the Imaginarium of Joey Skee.

The Sound of Italian-American Cultural Philanthropy

(14 09 2008) Joseph Sciorra

What happens when a PBS station targets Italian Americans as donors?

A digital message in a bottle.

(14 08 2008) Joseph Sciorra

A test of the Internet and's power to connect.

Television as an open field for pundits

(18 03 2008) Dom Serafini

Italian Professor’s Baseless Theory on TV and Society Can’t Be Challenged

What’s Real (and not) in American Politics?

(01 03 2008) Jerry Krase

The problem with trying to distinguish fact from fiction and reality from simulation in American politics today is that there is no difference.

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