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Tano da morire: Singing, Dancing, Shooting

(09 02 2010) George De Stefano

The 1997 Mafia musical satire "Tano da morire" (finally) gets a U.S. release. There has never been a movie about the Sicilian Mafia quite like it... Surreal and often very...

Roots, Re-Imagined

(22 01 2010) George De Stefano

Michael Occhipinti crosses genres with The Sicilian Jazz Project

From Eva to Elettra

(01 01 2010) George De Stefano

Sicilian singer/songwriter Carmen Consoli returns with a new album and US tour

Sicily Rocks 'Bruccolino'

(14 10 2009) George De Stefano

Roy Paci and his band Aretuska make their US debut

Time for Tenerumi Soup

(11 09 2009) Michele Scicolone

Tenerumi, the vines of the cucuzza, are made into a delicious Sicilian soup

Turning Back the Tide: It's Already Too Late Silvio

(14 05 2009) Jerry Krase

The Italian Right's comically frantic attempts to turn back the clock to a time when non-Italians hadn't polluted (or blessed) Italy's shores is guaranteed to fail (as are...

Racism/Razzismo Part III: Lest We Forget: Racism Will Make Victims of Us All

(09 10 2008) Jerry Krase

This essay is the third, and last, in my series alluding to the similarities between Bensonhurst 1989 and Italy 2008. It was the second article I wrote for The Brooklyn Free Press...

The Island in the Sun Part II

(03 05 2008) Charles Scicolone

The new and the old come together in Sicily and today's tourist is attracted by the food, wine and culture.

Gino Vitale, Brooklyn developer and shrine builder.

(29 03 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Brooklyn developer Gino Vitale adapts the centuries old edicole sacre (devotional shrines) to his newly constructed buildings.

St. Joseph's Altar, Barese Style

(19 03 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Celebrating St. Joseph in Brooklyn and some thoughts on lived religion.

The Unmaking of the Made Men of Sicily?

(10 02 2008) Judith Harris

The crackdown on Mafia shows Italy at its best. Southern Italian cities, though plagued by many serious problems, no longer seem to be suitable places for a good mobster to hang...

Ottava Rima in Bensonhurst

(26 12 2007) Joseph Sciorra

In a social club in Brooklyn, the lost poetry of a Sicilian contadino is heard again.

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