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San Francisco

Tom Ammiano, Standup Politician

(12 01 2015) George De Stefano

At 73, the "gay Vito Marcantonio" isn't ready to retire

A Tourist Visits Italian in California

(16 11 2010) Joseph Sciorra

In recognition of co-blogger, Laura Ruberto, who intelligently expounds on West Coast iterations of Italian America, I offer my touristic encounter with things Italian in the...

Re-reading Diane Di Prima, in Honor of International Women's Day

(08 03 2010) Laura E. Ruberto

San Francisco’s Current Poet Laureate, Diane Di Prima, moves Italian American Identity Above, Below, and Beyond.

The Rocks of San Francisco: Authenticity, Ethnic Neighborhoods, and Going Blog Crazy

(29 12 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

Ethnic construction and sacred place, the replica of the Porziuncola Chapel in San Francisco’s Italian neighborhood.

Luciano Chessa’s Musical Inventions

(11 02 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

Sardinia, San Francisco, the traditional, the avant-garde: everything finds a home in Luciano Chessa's music.

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