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My Trip To The Old Country

(11 05 2010) Johnny DeCarlo

I was transported into a paradise

In our Churches; On our Beaches. The Gypsies of Italy

(08 03 2010) Judith Harris

Can gypsies in Italy be integrated? In spite of the numerous efforts to address the negative image that people have of them, the stereotype in Italy, and not only here, is that...

Bright Moments of a Difficult Year

(15 12 2008) Judith Harris

Some of us think this is a year best forgotten. But let us consider the bright moments.

“Italians sunbathe as Gypsy girls drown.”

(24 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

On vacation, Italy’s rightward turn haunts me.

Does misery love company? Italy’s Roma

(01 07 2008) Judith Harris

Few are more miserable these days than the Roma, or Gypsies, in Italy, whose camps are being bulldozed, whose shacks are being firebombed, and whose children now risk being...

O Roma o morte!

(09 06 2008) Maria Rita Latto

Ad una settimana dalla sconfitta l’incredulità è ancora tanta e quei centomila voti in più presi da Gianni Alemanno, candidato sindaco per il centrodestra, voti che...

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