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Discovering the Black Madonna Right Before My Very Eyes

(24 08 2016) Joseph Sciorra

Learning something new about the historical devotion to the Madonna Nera del Tindari in Manhattan’s East Village.

The Decorated Flowerpots of Brooklyn

(17 10 2012) Joseph Sciorra

Looking (again) at a little known Italian-American folk art.

The Man Who Played Judas

(26 09 2010) Joseph Sciorra

In Search of an Italian-American Actor.

Feast of Saint Gennaro. What it Is, and What it Should Be

(20 09 2010) Marina Melchionda

Have you been in Mulberry Street during these days of celebrations in honor of Saint Gennaro? Do you know why the neighborhood venerates the saint since 1926? Have you ever heard...

Back to the Future

(04 05 2010) Johnny DeCarlo

There's a lot on the horizon

Sacred Space, Real Estate, and the Enacted Environment

(18 01 2009) Joseph Sciorra

Two religious buildings historically associated with Italian-American Catholics face challenges to survive.

What’s So Funny about the Virgin Mary?

(20 09 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Ludic and hybridic reworkings of Catholic imagery and ritual are part of recent reimagining of Italian-American culture and identity.

La Madonna Nera of New York City

(02 09 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Italian Americans gather at a gay bar in Manhattan in celebration of the Black Madonna.

Sending a Telegram to the Pope

(20 08 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Power, Humor, and the Triumph of the Lower Bodily Stratum.

Una malia contro il malocchio dei prominenti.

(11 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Iettature, malie, & la lingua a strascinuni in the 21st century.

“O’ Giglio e Paradiso”: An Italian-American Musical Classic

(09 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

What the Brooklyn giglio feast and an obscure musician might tell us about Italian-American culture.

The Shining Stone of West Scranton

(26 05 2008) Stephanie Longo

Scranton’s St. Lucy’s provides visitors with a lesson in Italian-American history.

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