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Treading the Muddy Political Waters

(25 06 2011) Judith Harris

Voting in three separate elections this May and June, Italians gave a black eye to the center-right government headed by the London Economist’s favorite Italian politician,...

Referendum in Italy: The Government Defeated. And Now What?

(14 06 2011) Judith Harris

Over half the country is rejoicing this week because a nationwide referendum drew a stunning turnout of over 57% of those eligible to vote, and four pieces of center-right...

On referendum weekend, Santoro steals the show

(12 06 2011) Judith Harris

Despite the importance of the questions under debate, the shouting match on RAI TV’s Channel 2 on June 9, seen by 8.5 million televiewers, has overshadowed even the referendum...

Blasting Off the Nuclear Referendum (and Others)

(25 04 2011) Judith Harris

What the moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants really stands for

Florence. A Streetcar Named Disaster?

(23 02 2008) Judith Harris

The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance splits over a "tramvia" that would run within three feet of the Baptistery, which dates from before the year 1000, but is still standing...

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