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Proud to be White!

(29 04 2012) Donna Chirico

When did we become the White privileged? When did we leapfrog over our fellow tenement dwellers to a position of lofty self-righteousness? When did we lose sight of our own...

From Bensonhurst to Oslo and Beyond

(05 08 2011) Jerry Krase

Negative, or at least puzzled, reactions to visibly different newcomers is universal. Whether in America, Italy or Norway, learning how to see difference positively as part of all...

Ground Zero Mosque: Ramadan Mobarak!

(20 08 2010) Jerry Krase

I wrote this a few weeks ago but the intolerance is growing so I added a new note about "Park51," "Cordoba House," "the Islamic cultural, community center," and, of course "place...

While Calabria Burns

(11 01 2010) Judith Harris

“I came here to find Heaven. I found Hell”

Wise Men Melchior and Balthazar banned in northern Italian city.

(03 01 2010) Joseph Sciorra

A story about racism in contemporary Italy so absurd it could be true.

Between Black and White. The First Columbus Day of the Obama Era.

(05 10 2009) Ottorino Cappelli

Musings on the symbolic coincidence of the first "Italian month" under an African American president—and what we could make of it.

Explaining American Politics: Sonia, Jeff (and Silvio): Judicial Temperament (Temperamentos judiciales de Sonia, Jeff (y Silvio)

(16 07 2009) Jerry Krase

In America, millions are sitting around the television and watching the U.S. Senate confirmation hearings the way they watched the recent Major League Baseball All Star Game. It...

Beware the Boomerang

(09 07 2009) George De Stefano

Italian activists confront racism and homophobia

The Vergognosi of Staten Island

(19 01 2009) Joseph Sciorra

Again, Italian Americans are involved in racist attacks. Again, it's time to speak up.

Racism/Razzismo Part III: Lest We Forget: Racism Will Make Victims of Us All

(09 10 2008) Jerry Krase

This essay is the third, and last, in my series alluding to the similarities between Bensonhurst 1989 and Italy 2008. It was the second article I wrote for The Brooklyn Free Press...

Bensonhurst and Italia: Racism and Razzismo Part I

(07 10 2008) Jerry Krase

The 1989 murder of Afro-American Yusuf Hawkins in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn became the icon of Italian American intolerance. Recently there has been a disturbing convergence of real...

Youth Masses, Black Skin, and Italian Beat Music

(29 07 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

A look at the Italian youth masses of the 1960s, beat music, and una ragazza from New Orleans.

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