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I Am The Pope

(22 03 2013) Donna Chirico

Enter Francis with an opportunity to identify once again according to religious affiliation and the public has seized this opportunity.

Berlusconi Back Again!

(28 10 2012) Judith Harris

Berlusconi, who has dominated Italian politics for over seventeen years, is not leaving the political scene just yet. What happened?

Explaining American Politics Again: The Health of Democracy

(22 03 2010) Jerry Krase

It is difficult to explain why, in reference to the passage of HR3962 "The Affordable Health Care for America Act," so many people who will actually benefit from it protested...

The Vergognosi of Staten Island

(19 01 2009) Joseph Sciorra

Again, Italian Americans are involved in racist attacks. Again, it's time to speak up.

Racism/Razzismo Part III: Lest We Forget: Racism Will Make Victims of Us All

(09 10 2008) Jerry Krase

This essay is the third, and last, in my series alluding to the similarities between Bensonhurst 1989 and Italy 2008. It was the second article I wrote for The Brooklyn Free Press...

Racism/Razzismo Part II: Yusuf Hawkins and the Closing of the American Mind

(09 10 2008) Jerry Krase

This was the first of two articles I wrote in The Brooklyn Free Press shortly after Yusuf Hawkins' murder in the summer of 1989. Although it concerns his brutal slaying by a...

Youth Masses, Black Skin, and Italian Beat Music

(29 07 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

A look at the Italian youth masses of the 1960s, beat music, and una ragazza from New Orleans.

Linking the Diaspora Musically

(22 06 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Hip hop is contributing to an expanding Italian diasporic consciousness, one that offers possibilities for an anti-racist politic.

Do the correct thing

(18 06 2008) Jerry Krase

Looking for and unfortunately finding common elements in "The Race Debate in America and Italy”

Forgetting the Past: Ethnic Identity and How Italian and English Fail Us

(17 06 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

The role of popular memory has a lot to do with how ethnic identities get formed; what would happen if there were words in English or Italian that clarified the history of Italian...

The Race Debate in America and Italy: Shall We Do the Right Thing?

(11 06 2008) Ottorino Cappelli

While the first African-American clinches the nomination for president, some Italian-Americans join in the Lee-Eastwood feud over racial prejudices in America. At the same time,...

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