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Pizzica Indiavolata!

(23 01 2013) George De Stefano

On the eve of Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino's American tour, Mauro Durante talks about the power of traditional music and the band's new album

Sick of Sleaze? Let’s Talk “Just Folks”

(16 09 2011) Judith Harris

Are you bored with bunga-bunga? We’ll talk about the things that count, beginning with these days when kids go back to school, and proceed on to child care and—why not?—a...

The Poetry of Politics

(18 11 2010) George De Stefano

Puglia’s president and Italian leftist leader Nichi Vendola envisions “a better Italy”

Two New Cookbooks Capture the Flavors of Puglia and Sicily

(13 08 2010) Michele Scicolone

Two Italian cookbooks published in English translation capture the colors and flavors of Puglia and Sicily. They are part of a new culinary series from Oronzo Editions.

Spots of the Leopard: Q&A with Winemaker Francesco Mocavero

(06 10 2009) Mattie John Bamman

It’s grape-picking time in Puglia, and I caught up with Winemaker Francesco Mocavero of Mocavero Winery to discuss how this year’s harvest is going.

Wine from the Pump

(24 09 2009) Mattie John Bamman

Vino sfuso is the stuff of folklore for those of us who grew up in the United States. Growing up, I heard tales of gas-station wine from relatives and starry-eyed travelers, and...

What Determines High-Quality Olive Oil?

(04 09 2009) Mattie John Bamman

I took a short respite from wine this week to learn about the complex world of high-quality, extra virgin olive oil. Puglia produces two-thirds of all the olive oil in Italy, and...

Pirro Varone: Organic Wine In Southern Italy

(28 08 2009) Mattie John Bamman

Piero Ribezzo, owner of Pirro Varone Winery, talks about roses, cellphones, and organic wine among his Primitivo grapevines in Manduria, Italy.

Southern Italian Cult Wine: Q&A with Sergio Botrugno

(19 08 2009) Mattie John Bamman

Sergio Botrugno, winemaker at Botrugno Winery, keeps production down and quality high, gaining a small but fervent following around the world. At his winery in Brindisi, Italy, we...

Q&A with Winemaker Massimiliano Apollonio

(10 08 2009) Mattie John Bamman

An interview with Apollonio Winery's Massimiliano Apollonio, one of the top 5 winemakers south of Rome.

Welcome to Sipping from the Heel: An Introduction to Puglia Wine

(29 07 2009) Mattie John Bamman

Sipping from the Heel is designed to share these wines with you, the newest and best wines, like a friend, so that you, in turn, can then share them with your good friends. I will...

St. Joseph's Altar, Barese Style

(19 03 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Celebrating St. Joseph in Brooklyn and some thoughts on lived religion.

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