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Protezione Civile

Pompeii and the Collapse of the Domus of the Gladiators

(22 11 2010) Judith Harris

On November 6, the Domus of the Gladiators, one of the millennia old buildings in the ancient city of Pompeii, crumbled to pieces. And, conveniently, it is nobody's fault.

No Laughing Matter

(16 02 2010) Judith Harris

SNAP/SHOTS ITALY. A leaked wiretap from investigations into suspected irregularities in the post-quake reconstruction in Abruzzo, shows a cynical dialogue among two eminent...

Dr. Bertolaso, How Could you Do this to Us?

(12 02 2010) Judith Harris

He was once considered the "man of reconstruction" in earthquake-devastated L'Aquila. Now he is accused to have received sexual favors in return for awarding lucrative building...

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