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A Little Wager?

(24 01 2013) Joseph Sciorra

Wanna bet Philistine Italian-American “Leaders” become “Outraged,” Again?

The New Negative Image of Italian Americans

(23 08 2012) Joseph Sciorra

The inane opinions of a few and the diminution of Italian America.

Fear and (Self-)Loathing in Italian America

(03 02 2010) Joseph Sciorra

The Specter of the Gavon Haunts the Prominenti.

Real Italians

(19 01 2010) Joseph Sciorra

A social scientist’s take on guidos, prominenti, and intellectual inquiry.

Una malia contro il malocchio dei prominenti.

(11 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Iettature, malie, & la lingua a strascinuni in the 21st century.

Folk Performances of the Italian-American Prominenti

(14 04 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Galas, banquet receptions, and award ceremonies are some of the most enduring Italian-American folk performances that reveal much about how group identity is created and...

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