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politics and justice

Frank J. Barbaro: A Powerfully Gentle Giant

(19 09 2016) Jerry Krase

Frank J. Barbaro passed on Labor Day Weekend. He championed progressive causes such as the rights of organized, unorganized, and even disorganized labor, government corruption,...

Italian/American Trial Styles

(12 12 2009) Jerry Krase

The recent trials and tribulations of American-Italian Amanda Fox, and Italian Americans John A. "Junior" Gotti, and Joseph Bruno raise some important questions about the...

Chi è Pete Panto?

(15 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

An Italian-American worker who fought the mob that you never heard of.

Remembering James Groppi

(21 01 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Activist James Groppi (1930-1985) marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. and others in the struggle for freedom.

Understanding Italian Politics: Forleo in History

(04 11 2007) Stanton H. Burnett

We are lured away from our exploration of electoral politics by the fog-bound current case of magistrate Clementina Forleo. She has already made her mark on history. ...

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