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Love Adds Dog Years to Your Life

(20 07 2017) Darrell Fusaro

I care for an aging celebrity with four legs.

The Mysterious Power Behind Cats Fuels The Universe

(13 12 2015) Darrell Fusaro

"The love current is not a projection of the will; it is a setting free of a natural, equalizing, harmonizing force."

Love Adds Dog Years to Your Life

(18 09 2015) Darrell Fusaro

This will make your tail wag.

My Old Dog

(20 09 2014) Darrell Fusaro

A ruff day!

My Wife's Uplifting Segment on NBC Nightly News.

(20 07 2013) Darrell Fusaro

Following her heart's desire and doing what she loves has attracted national attention.

Bark less, wag more

(27 02 2013) Darrell Fusaro

The start of a great day.

(22 09 2012) Darrell Fusaro

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