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Misery and the Elections in the Final Stretch

(03 02 2013) Judith Harris

As Leonardo Sciascia once said, it is easy to manage wealth, but hard to manage misery. These are tough times for Italy as elsewhere, and the sight of shops shutting down and...

For Berlusconi, the Tipping Point?

(30 05 2011) Judith Harris

Mid-term elections: big changes for the major Italian cities. Milan turned left after 18 years with Giuliano Pisapia, Naples chooses former magistrate Luigi de Magistris

Back in the Saddle with Silvio

(30 03 2010) Judith Harris

“We have given the left a lesson,” Berlusconi trumpeted from Rome Monday evening. Meanwhile, Umberto Bossi's populist right-wing, anti-immigrant Northern League will now...

Gianfranco Fini: leader di destra e di sinistra

(21 03 2009) Dom Serafini

Senza opposizione esterna, Fini contrappesa governo monoicista

Understanding Italian Politics: The Voter in Chains

(30 10 2007) Stanton H. Burnett

In our first column we reviewed a series of conceptual frameworks for understanding the importance (or lack) of this month’s founding of the Partito democratico. One of the most...

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