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Exploring The Kraken

(16 09 2015) George De Stefano

In a new mixed-media performance presented as part of musician Marco Cappelli's residency at the East Village venue The Stone, a strange doctor dissects a creature ... and a city

Palermo and its Mafia revisited

(30 07 2012) Judith Harris

To this day the full story of the murders of Falcone and Borsellino twenty years ago, while clearly a direct result of their anti-Mafia prosecutions, remains an enigma shrouded in...

At Lampedusa, “the end of the world”

(21 02 2011) Judith Harris

The Sicilian island where hope and desperation coexist has become a prime transit site for illegal immigrants hoping to make it into Europe

Tano da morire: Singing, Dancing, Shooting

(09 02 2010) George De Stefano

The 1997 Mafia musical satire "Tano da morire" (finally) gets a U.S. release. There has never been a movie about the Sicilian Mafia quite like it... Surreal and often very...

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