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My Old Dog

Love Adds Dog Years to Your Life

(20 07 2017) Darrell Fusaro

I care for an aging celebrity with four legs.

If You Want to Be a Success – Get a Dog

(09 06 2016) Darrell Fusaro

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, author, musician, or artist of any kind, get a dog.

Meatballs Make George Clooney Irresistible

(22 10 2015) Darrell Fusaro

A serendipitous trip from unadoptable to Hollywood A-list.

The Unintentional Healing Power of Facebook

(20 10 2015) Darrell Fusaro

Since prayer is to think loving or affirmative thoughts regarding a person or situation, Facebook has given us the opportunity to utilize the power of prayer more efficiently.

Love Adds Dog Years to Your Life

(18 09 2015) Darrell Fusaro

This will make your tail wag.

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