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For Berlusconi, the Tipping Point?

(30 05 2011) Judith Harris

Mid-term elections: big changes for the major Italian cities. Milan turned left after 18 years with Giuliano Pisapia, Naples chooses former magistrate Luigi de Magistris

Elections: Earth Tremors in Milan

(18 05 2011) Judith Harris

Last week the doom sayers predicted that an earthquake would flatten Rome. They got it wrong. The earth did shake, but the seismic shocks took place Sunday and Monday in Milan,...

When Elections for Mayor Become a National Bellwether

(13 05 2011) Judith Harris

Of the 1,344 cities and towns which are to elect new mayors and city councils, pundits are watching the most crucial: Milan and Turin in the North, both cities grappling with...

A Tourist Visits Italian in California

(16 11 2010) Joseph Sciorra

In recognition of co-blogger, Laura Ruberto, who intelligently expounds on West Coast iterations of Italian America, I offer my touristic encounter with things Italian in the...

Love Costs: Filipinos in Italy and the Movie, "Milan"

(04 03 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

What better place than Italy for immigrants to find both a job and a lover?

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