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Italians in California

The Spectacle of the Nativity in Valenti Angelo’s Art

(21 12 2013) Laura E. Ruberto

The children’s book author and illustrator Valenti Angelo highlights Italian American Christmas Celebrations in his works.

Italian American Victrola-Spinning

(20 03 2013) Laura E. Ruberto

From a Massachusetts living room to a California garage—collecting and preserving Italian American soundscapes.

An Italian Topography within a California Cemetery

(09 01 2013) Laura E. Ruberto

On the ethnicity of tombstones.

The “Naive Wooden Sculptures” of Theodore Santoro

(08 07 2012) Laura E. Ruberto

An Italian American self-taught artist from Oakland, California, adds yet another chapter in the story of Italian Americans and material culture.

Il Fanciullo del West: Shorty Joe Quartuccio’s Country Western Sound

(12 10 2011) Laura E. Ruberto

A Few Notes on California’s Sicilian American country music history.

Leo Politi, Saint Joseph, and Las Golondrinas

(17 03 2011) Laura E. Ruberto

Children’s literature, the Watts Towers, and Italian-Californian celebrations of Saint Joseph’s Day.

Frank Capra Films Italian-San Francisco

(03 02 2010) Laura E. Ruberto

Capturing Italy’s encounter with California in Frank Capra’s documentary "La visita dell’ Incrociatore Italiano Libia a San Francisco, Calif., 6-29 Novembre 1921"

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