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Italian Elections

Political Suicide in New York City and Italy: Part I - Italy

(22 02 2013) Jerry Krase

New York City and Italy have a great deal in common, starting and ending with self-destructive electorates; voters who are intent on putting into office people who, in one way or...

Rome Turns Right

(30 04 2008) Judith Harris

Berlusconi chalks up his second victory this month. “We’ll be licking these wounds for as long as we have tongues, and maybe longer,” was the mournful comment of Alessandro...

The End of Ideology?

(16 04 2008) Judith Harris

“Hanno detto di lui peste e corna, ma poi l’hanno votato tutti.” (They said all they could about him, down to calling him "cornuto", but then they all voted for him.)

Italy's Elections: Viagra for the Doldrums?

(06 04 2008) Judith Harris

Italy faces a serious migraine headache. Experts are already predicting a frustrated and frustrating new legislature with a brief shelf life.

An Ex-W.O.P. Casts His Vote

(24 03 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Born in the USA and now an Italian citizen, I’m asked to vote. So, what do I know?

Of Emperors, Murders and the Ides of March: the Ghosts that Haunt Italy's Elections

(17 03 2008) Judith Harris

On the complicated and dark political history shaping Italy's coming elections next month.

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