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The Watts Towers in Southern Italy: Connecting California with Irpinia

(20 07 2014) Laura E. Ruberto

Looking for the future of Sabato Rodia’s Watts Towers in the small town of Serino, in the province of Avellino.

Revisiting Southern Italy through the Lens of a Future Anthropologist

(18 11 2013) Laura E. Ruberto

Introducing "Lacedonia: Un paese Italiano, 1957/An Italian Town, 1957," Frank Cancian’s photographs of Lacedonia (AV), repackaged for a new century.

Remembering the Irpinia Earthquake Thirty Years Later

(21 11 2010) Laura E. Ruberto

Marking the material culture of one of Southern Italy’s worst natural disasters, the Irpinia Earthquake of November 23, 1980.

Excavating New Futures: The Cairano 7x Experience

(04 07 2009) Laura E. Ruberto

An ambitious week-long event in a small village in the province of Avellino crossed many boundaries and suggested many new possibilities.

Remembering Rocco Caporale

(06 07 2008) Stephanie Longo

Noted sociologist was also the premier scholar of the 1980 Irpinia-Basilicata Earthquake

Becoming Italian-American

(15 06 2008) Stephanie Longo

Sometimes ethnicity is a choice rather than a fact.


(31 12 2007) Laura E. Ruberto

From Southern Italy to Southern California, rural Italy's turn as the Golden State.

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