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In our Churches; On our Beaches. The Gypsies of Italy

(08 03 2010) Judith Harris

Can gypsies in Italy be integrated? In spite of the numerous efforts to address the negative image that people have of them, the stereotype in Italy, and not only here, is that...

“Italians sunbathe as Gypsy girls drown.”

(24 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

On vacation, Italy’s rightward turn haunts me.

Garbage, Gypsies, Gamorra, Girls and Gays: Waiting for Mr. Berlusconi

(20 05 2008) Judith Harris

Not since the 1970’s and the Years of Lead has Italian society been confronted with such an onslaught of problems, all at the same time, and all on ghastly display here in...

Mob Violence Against Gypsies in Naples

(15 05 2008) Ottorino Cappelli

Many Italians are making immigrants subject to the same nativistic prejudices, racism, and hate crimes that have harassed their grandparents and great grandparents in foreign...

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