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Giorgio Napolitano

The President vs. the Magistrates

(27 08 2012) Judith Harris

From Palermo, prosecutor Antonio Ingroia is fighting to have those responsible for a sub rosa negotiation in 1992 between top Mafia bosses and representatives of the Italian state...

Summer spreads out the spread

(27 07 2012) Judith Harris

The upward surge of the spread to today's 506.48 for 10-year bonds (but 519 at the opening of the markets) has reignited interest in holding elections this November, six months...

Derailing Turin’s High-Speed Train

(07 03 2012) Judith Harris

Protests over the construction of the TAV (Treno Alta Velocità) have spread all over Italy, with people blocking highways and city centers. Let's see what are the CONS and what...

Welcome to the Quirinal Palace

(01 12 2011) Judith Harris

As a culmination of this year’s celebrations of 150 years of Italian unification, the monumental doors to a series of magnificent halls, which overlook the main square on one...

Super-Sober Mario Takes Charge

(17 11 2011) Judith Harris

Premier-Designate Mario Monti is often described in the media as Super Mario or Sober Mario. His government has had the support of banks, universities and the Roman Catholic...

From Fêtes to Fear: Scared of Mr. Monti

(15 11 2011) Judith Harris

As Berlusconi submitted his resignation, neo-Senator Mario Monti prepares to be Premier Designate

Italian Church in a Political Quandary

(01 03 2011) Judith Harris

Italian bishops may not necessarily read every detail of the bungabunga phone taps filling the newspapers, but they know full well that Premier Berlusconi faces a judiciary trial...

The Broken Promise: Fiscal Federalism

(07 02 2011) Judith Harris

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano refused to sign the bill on fiscal federalism, with comments that it was “unreceivable,” poorly drafted and generic. For Berlusconi the...

A Week in Politics, Italian Style

(15 10 2009) Judith Harris

Italy's political discourse today is particularly interesting to me as a foreign journalist, but also as a writer...

L’Aquila: Riccardo Muti and Music for Hope and Brotherhood

(08 09 2009) Judith Harris

Riccardo Muti led a free concert in L'Aquila for survivors of the earthquake. The conductor, between engagements in Salzburg and Chicago, directed an all-Abruzzese scratch...

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