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Mr. Berlusconi: Ganging up, but who cares?

(23 01 2011) Judith Harris

Despite the crescendo of scandal worthy of an 18th century Turkish sultan, Mr. Berlusconi remains the most charismatic and popular politician in Italy. ... True democracy, he...

Italian Politicians Lose Their Cool (and Slip in the Polls)

(07 09 2010) Judith Harris

On Sunday, the president of the Chamber of Deputies Fini gave a much-awaited speech at Mirabello, in which he formally divorced Berlusconi’s Popolo della Libertà and invited...

Fini: “Other dangers” Lie on the Political Horizon. But Just What are They?

(30 05 2010) Judith Harris

"Our Constitution is the foundation and guarantee of the unity of the Republic,” Fini told a group of students visiting the Chamber of Deputies the other day. Ambiguously he...

Back in the Saddle with Silvio

(30 03 2010) Judith Harris

“We have given the left a lesson,” Berlusconi trumpeted from Rome Monday evening. Meanwhile, Umberto Bossi's populist right-wing, anti-immigrant Northern League will now...

Italy Seen from the Beach

(24 08 2009) Judith Harris

For journalists this is traditionally the silly season, when anything goes, as long as it’s entertainment. Alas, this beach season has brought a host of serious problems...

Rome Turns Right

(30 04 2008) Judith Harris

Berlusconi chalks up his second victory this month. “We’ll be licking these wounds for as long as we have tongues, and maybe longer,” was the mournful comment of Alessandro...

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