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What is the Definition of a Father?

(19 06 2017) Darrell Fusaro

Thanks fathers.

Adopting Liam, Different Kind of Labor. We Can Liam, and We Will

(01 05 2012) Bianca Sorminis

Like in a hospital nursery where new parents smile at each other, exchanging congratulations and commenting on their babies’ hair, eye color, skin complexion and weight…so all...

A Discarded Photograph Encapsulates the American Dream

(11 12 2011) Darrell Fusaro

The man's smile was irresistible. I had to pick up the photograph.

Learn to Live with the Pricks in Your Life

(17 08 2011) Darrell Fusaro

Have you ever heard of the fable of the porcupine? Neither had I, until today. The friend who passed it along to me said, "The parable is worth sharing. But have you ever seen...

Meet IAWA's Authors and Activists -- Fazio and Belfiglio -- Saturday, August 13

(31 07 2011) IAWA .

On Saturday, August 13, 2011, the Italian American Writers Association (IAWA) presents two authors whose work reflects both their activism and artistry – internationally...

Back to the Future

(04 05 2010) Johnny DeCarlo

There's a lot on the horizon

Home Cooking: Italian American Style

(26 02 2010) Jerry Krase

The Bastianiches have nothing on the Krases when it comes to bringing the family together around the table but I wonder about the Berlusconis

A Tribute To My Aunt Jennie

(10 12 2008) Stephanie Longo

Jennie Longo Moeller came from Guardia dei Lombardi, Italy to Scranton, Pa. when she was 6 years old and built a life that most people can only dream of.

Passing on Italian Family Values

(25 07 2008) Jerry Krase

How a granddaughter's oration on the passing of her grandfather shows how Italian family values are passed on.

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