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“Cynthia Nixon vs Andrew Cuomo: Sex or No Sex in the City”

(21 09 2018) Jerry Krase

The tallies are in for the Democratic Party primary race for New York State Governor, and unfortunately for most of us self-identified libidinous “Progressives” the answer is...

The Rise of Italo-Trumpism

(29 07 2016) Jerry Krase

Why are so many Americans of Italian descent leaning rightward toward the candidacy of Donald J. Trump for the most powerful position in the world --- the Presidency of the United...

Andrew Cuomo: Tribulations and Perhaps Trials

(27 08 2014) Jerry Krase

Andy, the least lovable Cuomo is in deeper stuff than usual. The New Times reported recently that he “hobbled” investigations by the Commission he established when it got too...

Rather Grimm Fairytales

(14 05 2014) Jerry Krase

Dominic M. Recchia is trying to fill the somewhat dirty shoes of incumbent Congressman Michael Grimm. However, I must warn him that strange things have happened to those elected...

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gracie Mansion

(07 01 2014) Jerry Krase

There have been so many complaints about Bill De Blasio’s inauguration in the right-wing (di destra) mass media and apologies in the left-wing (di sinistra) mass media that I...

Bill de Blasio: A Progressive Mayor for All New Yorkers

(23 08 2013) Jerry Krase

Bill De Blasio I believe has the best chance among real progressives to win the mayoralty and to take New York City in a different, more hopeful direction. It’s time for New...

Misery and the Elections in the Final Stretch

(03 02 2013) Judith Harris

As Leonardo Sciascia once said, it is easy to manage wealth, but hard to manage misery. These are tough times for Italy as elsewhere, and the sight of shops shutting down and...

Treading the Muddy Political Waters

(25 06 2011) Judith Harris

Voting in three separate elections this May and June, Italians gave a black eye to the center-right government headed by the London Economist’s favorite Italian politician,...

Elections: Earth Tremors in Milan

(18 05 2011) Judith Harris

Last week the doom sayers predicted that an earthquake would flatten Rome. They got it wrong. The earth did shake, but the seismic shocks took place Sunday and Monday in Milan,...

When Elections for Mayor Become a National Bellwether

(13 05 2011) Judith Harris

Of the 1,344 cities and towns which are to elect new mayors and city councils, pundits are watching the most crucial: Milan and Turin in the North, both cities grappling with...

Italian Politicians Lose Their Cool (and Slip in the Polls)

(07 09 2010) Judith Harris

On Sunday, the president of the Chamber of Deputies Fini gave a much-awaited speech at Mirabello, in which he formally divorced Berlusconi’s Popolo della Libertà and invited...

Election Madness: Obamarama

(05 11 2008) Pasquale Verdicchio

Italian response to US elections brings forth interesting debates and views on race.

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