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edward biagiotti

Book Signing, Ridiculously Inspiring Stories, Cartoons, and Espresso!

(26 06 2014) Darrell Fusaro

The evening began by highlighting the positive side effects of being Italian-American and rapidly expanded into much more.

The Positive Side Effects of Being Italian-American

(14 06 2014) Darrell Fusaro

A fun evening with artist and author Darrell Fusaro at the Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles, CA.

Enjoy a 'Should Free' New Year!

(03 01 2014) Darrell Fusaro

Co-hosts of the Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed radio show encourage listeners with a tip on how to start the New Year 'should free.'

The Unintentional Healing Power of Facebook

(24 10 2013) Darrell Fusaro

Fusaro and Mr. B Disrupt Class and Inspire Students

(19 10 2012) Darrell Fusaro

School therapists fascinated at the students' progress have inquired as to their methods, but Fusaro and Mr. B don't have any tricks up their sleeves. They are just a couple of...

Thanks Giving!

(23 11 2011) Darrell Fusaro

The incredible power of thanks giving.

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