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Maestra Melina at 100: A Lace Maker in Calabria, Italy

(29 01 2018) Joan L Saverino

This is the story of a Calabrian 100 year old lace maker of local renown, her social legacy as a teacher in a small village near Gioia Tauro, and her niece’s own lace making...

Whatever happened to culture?

(14 07 2009) Judith Harris

Some of Italy’s top museums and archaeological sites are showing a decline in popularity, reversing the trend for steady growth for the first time in two decades. Moreover,...

High and dry. Is Italy failing its high-school students?

(16 09 2008) Walter De Marco

One third of the high-school students in Italy do not complete their first year. It’s the heavy price they pay for having to pick a specialty without adequate guidance

English, “or something like it”

(26 08 2008) Walter De Marco

Italian students of all ages and areas of specialization are required to study English as a second language. But are they actually learning to speak and/or write in the language...

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