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donald trump


(15 11 2018) Jerry Krase

On November 6th, the Democratic Party enjoyed its highest margin of victory ever among female voters in a midterm election. The result, as of November 13, the Democrats had a net...

The Italian American Contribution to Trump's Muslim Immigration Ban

(01 02 2017) Jerry Krase

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution (1979) simply states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise...

U.S.A. Presidential Election 2016: The Italian American Report

(05 12 2016) Jerry Krase

Who will New York City’s Italian Americans voters favor in the upcoming Presidential Election in November? Based on statistical analyses and past voting performance it will be...

The Rise of Italo-Trumpism

(29 07 2016) Jerry Krase

Why are so many Americans of Italian descent leaning rightward toward the candidacy of Donald J. Trump for the most powerful position in the world --- the Presidency of the United...

Like Obama, “Bernie” ends in a Vowel

(18 04 2016) Jerry Krase

Today’s Italian American voters are as likely to vote for Bernie Sanders as they were to vote for their semi-co-ethnic Bill De Blasio; or for Barack Obama whose name also ended...

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