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IAWA's Premiere of Student Partners Night Features Three Jersey “Girls”

(22 11 2015) IAWA .

On 2nd Saturday, December 12, IAWA will premiere its first Student Partners Reading featuring recent graduates from New Jersey City University (NJCU): Cassandra Casella, Chloe...

italianrap è morto! Viva Italian Rap!

(26 05 2012) Joseph Sciorra

After fourteen years, I’m shutting down my website

Festivals: the Preservation of Culture

(20 08 2010) Chiara Montalto

Festivals are often overlooked as simple events to get your funnel cake fix. But they're often much more than that, especially when culture is concerned.

An American with an Italian name; hindrance or advantage?

(06 03 2010) Darrell Fusaro

Most Italian-Italians, the ones from Italy, that is, always seem to be curious as to how we Italian-Americans are perceived by others in America. With all the news they’ve...

Organized Culture

(09 02 2010) Fred Gardaphe

If you believe that the “Jersey Shore” show of MTV is really gangsters without guns, then you should do something about it. But since when have we become afraid of our youth?...

Are you connected?

(10 05 2009) Walter De Marco

New York-based website helps Italian language and culture lovers join and create real-life communities wherever they live.

To Educate Italian American Children…or NOT??

(23 04 2009) Tom Verso

Italian Americans are generally not highly educated, and they are especially lacking in education about their history and culture. Can there be Culture without Education?

An American Folklorist in Italy

(21 02 2009) Joseph Sciorra

Alan Lomax’s stunning photographs from Italy (1954-1955) are published.

The Sound of Italian-American Cultural Philanthropy

(14 09 2008) Joseph Sciorra

What happens when a PBS station targets Italian Americans as donors?

La Madonna Nera of New York City

(02 09 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Italian Americans gather at a gay bar in Manhattan in celebration of the Black Madonna.

Watching Mob Movies with my Fourteen-Year-Old Son

(29 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

A “teachable moment” about mafia realities and representations.

Una malia contro il malocchio dei prominenti.

(11 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Iettature, malie, & la lingua a strascinuni in the 21st century.

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