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Catholic Church

“Telling Naples to the World”. Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe on His Imminent Visit to New York

(10 12 2010) Ottorino Cappelli

The Cardinal of Naples will be in New York this coming January, where he will meet the Italian community, personalities of the cutural and artistic world, academics, scholars, men...

Clerical Crimes

(21 05 2009) George De Stefano

A New Report from Ireland Exposes Decades of Child Abuse by Catholic Clergy

Sacred Space, Real Estate, and the Enacted Environment

(18 01 2009) Joseph Sciorra

Two religious buildings historically associated with Italian-American Catholics face challenges to survive.

Out of the archives: Vatican doubts over the Duce

(13 03 2008) Judith Harris

New access to archival documents of the Vatican shed evealing light on the relatiuonships between th Catholic Church and Fascism.

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