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Bill de Blasio

The Dog Days of Gotham's Italian American Politicians 2017

(17 07 2017) Jerry Krase

I haven’t commented on New York, and nearby, Italian American political superstars in a while and thought it was a good time to literally catch up with the poop. Lucky for me,...

The NY" Times" to De Blasio’s rescue

(07 06 2016) Dom Serafini

The "Times" is once again risking its reputation

The Irish Routes of Success for a few Italian American Politicians

(21 03 2014) Jerry Krase

There is an excess of successful Italian American politicians in the New York Metropolitan Area and as I’ve spent too much time on NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, I shall turn my...

Pizzagate According to Me (Pizzagate secondo me)

(16 01 2014) Jerry Krase

As with abstinence, Pizzagate leaves a great deal to be desired.

A Day, or so, in the Life of Jerry Krase, De Blasio Campaign Volunteer

(24 11 2013) Jerry Krase

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn began Ivan’s bitterly cold and dark day as a forced laborer in a Gulag camp; mine began a bit more leisurely on a brilliantly warm and sunny Tuesday...

Let’s Hope New Yorkers Are Not Suicidal

(25 10 2013) Dom Serafini

With Bill De Blasio As Mayor: More Taxes, Crime. A Return to 1974-93

Bill de Blasio: A Progressive Mayor for All New Yorkers Part II

(23 09 2013) Jerry Krase

While I, and other self-confessed “Progressives” celebrate the victory of Bill De Blasio in the recent New York City Democratic Mayoral Primary, there is need to pause and...

"Liberated to Tell the Truth"

(09 03 2013) George De Stefano

Brooklyn’s Sal Albanese returns to politics after 15 years – as a candidate for Mayor

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