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Finding the Right Words?

(14 01 2018) Jerry Krase

A few days ago, while watching Al Jazeera, or was it the dreaded Russian Television Network during lunch, I was not at all surprised to hear that the most-articulate-ever...

From Bensonhurst to Oslo and Beyond

(05 08 2011) Jerry Krase

Negative, or at least puzzled, reactions to visibly different newcomers is universal. Whether in America, Italy or Norway, learning how to see difference positively as part of all...

Anti-Italian Bias: Surreal or Not Surreal, That is the Question

(27 01 2011) Jerry Krase

When they are covered in the media, Italians and Italian Americans are usually the butts of their own jokes and for some of us this is not a laughing matter. Fighting back is like...

Guidos and Negros

(14 01 2010) Jerry Krase

The Italian and Italian American traditions share many common practices, the most important of which for the case at hand is the knack for rhetorical and other displays. It is the...

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