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Political Suicide in New York City and Italy: Part I - Italy

(22 02 2013) Jerry Krase

New York City and Italy have a great deal in common, starting and ending with self-destructive electorates; voters who are intent on putting into office people who, in one way or...

Misery and the Elections in the Final Stretch

(03 02 2013) Judith Harris

As Leonardo Sciascia once said, it is easy to manage wealth, but hard to manage misery. These are tough times for Italy as elsewhere, and the sight of shops shutting down and...

Italian Politics, from Topless to Toppling

(18 09 2012) Judith Harris

An Italian magazine called "Chi" buys and prints photos of topless princess Kate Middleton in a 26-page spread. Why should we care? Because the magazine belongs to the...

Italy is “Too Big to Fail”

(12 05 2012) Dom Serafini

La Dolce Vita Can Resume

America Loves Monti—and just maybe, so does Italy

(11 02 2012) Judith Harris

A subtle and sober intellectual economist in a discreet blue suit, the new "emergency premier" marks a departure from the recent Italian past. For one, he is hailed and respected...

Wait Till the Donkey Kicks

(09 11 2011) Judith Harris

ROME - The front page of Il Sole-24 Ore, Italy's leading financial daily, said it all today, in a gigantic headline with just two words, written in 6-inch-tall letters: FATE...

As Genoa Drowns, Berlusconi Struggles to Stay Afloat

(07 11 2011) Judith Harris

Heavy rains and flooding in Genoa. At least seven people were killed on Friday. Another sad story after the small tornado in Le Cinque Terre eleven days ago. The fragility of...

Sick of Sleaze? Let’s Talk “Just Folks”

(16 09 2011) Judith Harris

Are you bored with bunga-bunga? We’ll talk about the things that count, beginning with these days when kids go back to school, and proceed on to child care and—why not?—a...

Italy on Trial: The Cat Eating Its Tail

(08 08 2011) Judith Harris

I would like to see a technical government put in charge to handle the crisis, and rewrite the election law – while protecting the right of overseas Italians to vote—followed...

Treading the Muddy Political Waters

(25 06 2011) Judith Harris

Voting in three separate elections this May and June, Italians gave a black eye to the center-right government headed by the London Economist’s favorite Italian politician,...

Referendum in Italy: The Government Defeated. And Now What?

(14 06 2011) Judith Harris

Over half the country is rejoicing this week because a nationwide referendum drew a stunning turnout of over 57% of those eligible to vote, and four pieces of center-right...

On referendum weekend, Santoro steals the show

(12 06 2011) Judith Harris

Despite the importance of the questions under debate, the shouting match on RAI TV’s Channel 2 on June 9, seen by 8.5 million televiewers, has overshadowed even the referendum...

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