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Antonio Di Pietro

Super-Sober Mario Takes Charge

(17 11 2011) Judith Harris

Premier-Designate Mario Monti is often described in the media as Super Mario or Sober Mario. His government has had the support of banks, universities and the Roman Catholic...

Bin Laden: A Thoughtful Vatican and a Concerned Italy

(02 05 2011) Judith Harris

May 1, while in Rome Pope John Paul II is beatified, Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden is killed in Pakistan. The reactions in the Italian political world

On both sides of the Atlantic, pride in anti-mob action

(31 01 2011) Judith Harris

While in New York nearly 125 are arrested in “the largest mob roundup in F.B.I. history" Italian Senator and former governor of Sicily Salvatore Cuffaro is sentenced to 7 years...

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