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anti-Italian bigotry

Finding the Right Words?

(14 01 2018) Jerry Krase

A few days ago, while watching Al Jazeera, or was it the dreaded Russian Television Network during lunch, I was not at all surprised to hear that the most-articulate-ever...

Immigration to American: Good, Bad, and Ugly: Our Continuing Conversation

(02 05 2016) Jerry Krase

Although I agree that people should have the right to live where they wish and that coming to America is preferable to many other places, I disagree with overly generous views of...

Racism/Razzismo Part III: Lest We Forget: Racism Will Make Victims of Us All

(09 10 2008) Jerry Krase

This essay is the third, and last, in my series alluding to the similarities between Bensonhurst 1989 and Italy 2008. It was the second article I wrote for The Brooklyn Free Press...

Bensonhurst and Italia: Racism and Razzismo Part I

(07 10 2008) Jerry Krase

The 1989 murder of Afro-American Yusuf Hawkins in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn became the icon of Italian American intolerance. Recently there has been a disturbing convergence of real...

Sal Paradise was an Italophobe.

(07 12 2007) Joseph Sciorra

A little piece of drivel by Jack Kerouac begs the question, What's Italian-American about On The Road?

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