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andrew cuomo

On the Road to Naples I Discovered Why Italian American Politicians are their Own Worst Enemies

(16 12 2015) Jerry Krase

Italian American politicians adhere to a corollary given by the 6th century BCE Chinese general Sun Tzu who wrote the Art of War. It was uttered by Michael Corleone in The...

Andrea Cuomo, Immigrant Pebble Artisan

(09 03 2015) Joseph Sciorra

My on-going research on the Italian-American art of pebble decoration leads me to the father and grandfather of two New York State governors.

Andrew Cuomo: Tribulations and Perhaps Trials

(27 08 2014) Jerry Krase

Andy, the least lovable Cuomo is in deeper stuff than usual. The New Times reported recently that he “hobbled” investigations by the Commission he established when it got too...

The Irish Routes of Success for a few Italian American Politicians

(21 03 2014) Jerry Krase

There is an excess of successful Italian American politicians in the New York Metropolitan Area and as I’ve spent too much time on NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, I shall turn my...

Bill de Blasio: A Progressive Mayor for All New Yorkers Part II

(23 09 2013) Jerry Krase

While I, and other self-confessed “Progressives” celebrate the victory of Bill De Blasio in the recent New York City Democratic Mayoral Primary, there is need to pause and...

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