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Jim Periconi practices law in Manhattan, owning and running a four-attorney firm, Periconi, LLC.  A long-time Board member of the Italian American Writers Association, and a former member of the Executive Council of the American Italian Historical Association, he (along with Fred Gardaphe) co-edited the IAWA Bibliography of the Italian American Book in 2000, a project that arose from owning and running a used book store that specialized in Italian American books.   He is heavily involved in the Italoamericana (Durante) translation project of Fordham University Press, IAWA, the Calandra Institute and other institutions. He has presented papers at AIHA conferences, most recently, on the neglected subject of Italian-language books published in the U.S. (which he collects), on Lorenzo DaPonte (in two parts), and on Don De Lillo's Underworld, which was published as "De Lillo’s Underworld: Toward a New Beginning for the Italian American Novel" in the Spring 2000 issue of VIA: Voices in Italian Americana. He has also published book reviews and essays on these subjects in Italian Americana and the New York Law Journal.  Jim studied English and Comparative Literature at Columbia College and, as a Danforth Graduate Fellow, received an M.A. in English and Comp Lit at the University of Virginia, before attending law school at New York University.